Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dr. Tammy Wu, works as a consultant in Los Angeles see link in body of this page

Plastic Surgery Modesto - Los Angeles, CA - Dr. Wu works for CAP, a company in Los Angeles - details on this web page.

Just a plug for a lesser known web page that I made

I have a webpage entitled

Somehow I always branch off to include websites about our Plastic Surgery Modesto practice.

My mind is like that. I hope it doesn't bother you.

The web page is: Modesto Plastic Surgery - Surgical Artistry - Calvin Lee and Tammy Wu

Calvin Lee, musician - piano too.

More mind-transfer material. Get this stuff off my mind, so I can focus on other things. Like Botox. yes... our web page: Botox injections in Modesto, CA or Botox injections in Tracy, CA - it's close too.

Our plastic surgery & breast augmentation in Modesto webpage.

This was quite the dexterity piece - came in handy for strengthening my fingers for surgery.

Chopin Etude 10/1 Piano, played by Calvin Lee, MD Modesto Surgeon and Acupuncturist.
Playing this piece can give you a hernia.

Calvin Lee Modesto Surgeon Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto Videos

Here's the old sound file (ignore the picture slide show if you like) of my playing on a different violin 15 years ago:

It's the Tchaikovsky violin concerto played in 1993 with the Brown University Orchestra. The pictures are from my more recent life in Modesto, CA. I had to put some pictures on there to get the sound file onto YouTube.

Modesto Surgeon Calvin Lee's web page
Dr. Calvin Lee works with his wife. They have a focus on Plastic Surgery in Modesto - Breast augmentation, Tummy tuck, face lift, lasers, skin care, veins, Botox

Surgical Artistry Plastic Surgery Modesto

Calvin Lee, Violin, Modesto Surgeon, Veins, Acupuncture, Plastic surgery with Dr. Tammy Wu - small video of YouTube Symphony Orchestra audtion - Bach

I frequently use this blog as testing grounds. Sorry if some of this seems redundant. I'm not a professional internet / web coder so I have to experiment by trial and error to learn. I'm trying this blog here to see what a smaller embedded youtube video looks like:

Calvin Lee, MD General Surgeon and Acupuncturist in Modesto, CA

Calvin Lee, Modesto Surgeon You Tube Symphony Orchestra Video

Calvin Lee, MD General Surgeon, Acupuncturist, Vein Specialist, and Violinist for the first YouTube Symphony

Calvin Lee - YouTube Symphony - Violin

Thank you for helping me be one of the winners chosen to go to Carnegie Hall.

I made this link below to my video and other somewhat interesting info:

Calvin Lee - YouTube Symphony Orchestra- Modesto Surgeon, Acupuncturist, Violinist