Friday, April 24, 2009

Windows 7 when is it coming out

I'm awaiting windows 7. I'm not happy with Vista. I need a server solution as well that I can be proud of. Switching to MAC is getting tempting.

I've heard that Windows 7 will have some sort of XP mode.

I think the "release candidate" is out.

But there isn't a date set yet .... I think it would be around the end of this year (2009)

I'm not the next YouTube Sensation

The YouTube Symphony performed on April 15, 2009. I'm feeling a little medial withdrawal.

I managed to try video editing for the first time using Movie Maker that came with my old Window's XP laptop (HP laptop). I was able to cut out the beginnings and endings. I made my first video with a sound track and the basic editing.

You can see it on this page: Plastic Surgery Modesto, CA

I'm not sure that the sound track works, but it's one of the few files that I have that is of me playing the violin. The video is of Dr. Tammy Wu introducing our plastic surgery practice.

I'm thinking I'll need to get a video editor, maybe a free one. I've heard that Vista users can use Movie Maker 6 which has many artistic special effects.

- Calvin Lee

Dr. Wu in a full page ad with Cooperative of American Physicians.

Dr. Tammy Wu is prominently featured in a full page ad on the back cover of Southern California Physician Services, the official magazine of Loas Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside, County, San Bernadino county, Ventura County, and Imperial County Medical Societies. This is regarding her affiliation with the Cooperation of American Physicians (CAP)It's basically the graphic in the middle of our Plastic Surgery Modesto web page: